USOAM recognizes the immense potential of tourism to bridge the gap between Africa and the Caribbean. We are committed to fostering cultural exchange and creating opportunities for mutually beneficial growth in the tourism sector for both regions

Our Initiatives

  • Business Matchmaking: We connect tourism businesses in Africa and the Caribbean, facilitating partnerships between airlines, hotels, tour operators, and travel agencies. This collaboration allows for the creation of multi-destination packages, attracting tourists seeking a combined African and Caribbean experience.
  • Capacity Building: We offer workshops and conferences designed to empower tourism professionals across Africa and the Caribbean. These programs cover areas such as hospitality management, cultural tourism marketing, and sustainable tourism practices.
  • Joint Marketing Campaigns: USOAM collaborates with tourism boards and travel associations in Africa and the Caribbean to develop and execute joint marketing campaigns. By promoting both regions as complementary travel destinations, we can attract a wider range of tourists and increase overall visitor arrivals.
  • Investment Facilitation: We provide support to businesses seeking to invest in tourism infrastructure development in both Africa and the Caribbean. This includes hotels, resorts, cultural attractions, and transportation networks.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Access New Markets: Expand your reach and attract tourists from Africa and the Caribbean through our established network.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Participate in joint marketing campaigns and promotional events organized by USOAM.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Connect with potential business partners across Africa and the Caribbean to create innovative tourism offerings.
  • Industry Insights: Gain access to valuable research and reports on tourism trends in both regions.

Join Us!

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