Unlock Your Potential in the Africa-Caribbean Trade Corridor

Membership Benefits

Joining USOAM opens doors to a wealth of opportunities for businesses and organizations seeking to connect and thrive within the dynamic Africa-Caribbean trade corridor. As a member, you’ll gain access to:
  • Extensive Business Network: Connect with a network of pre-vetted companies across Africa and the Caribbean through our online directory and participate in exclusive business matchmaking events. Find potential partners, distributors, and investors to fuel your cross-regional growth.
  • Market Intelligence & Research: Stay informed with our comprehensive market research reports, industry briefings, and insightful webinars. Gain access to in-depth analysis, sector-specific reports, and valuable country-level market intelligence to make strategic decisions in your cross-border operations.
  • Trade & Investment Facilitation: Benefit from our expertise in navigating trade procedures and regulations. We offer support services such as translation assistance, legal and regulatory guidance, and logistical support to streamline your cross-regional trade activities.
  • Capacity Building Programs: Enhance your competitiveness through our capacity building programs and training workshops. USOAM provides access to best practices guides, industry-specific training, and certification programs designed to empower your workforce and elevate your business practices.
  • Advocacy & Policy Influence: USOAM champions policies that promote open markets, free trade, and a more streamlined business environment across Africa and the Caribbean. Your membership strengthens our collective voice and allows you to contribute to shaping a more favorable trading landscape.
  • Networking & Events: Participate in exclusive networking events, conferences, and trade missions designed to foster meaningful connections and collaboration opportunities with key industry players, government representatives, and potential partners.