From the Board Of Directors of USoAM

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After our meeting on Nov 11th 2017

It was motioned and approved that Gerrybrete Leonard Whitcomb; retain her position as CEO and Pres of USOAM.

After careful consideration, knowing the dedication and commitment for the past 15 years to service to the community we think removing her would not benefit anyone.
With that being said we are in the process of redefining who we are and what we offer the community. Moving to a more Universal Outreach, we find that limiting ourselves to the Pagan community wouldn’t allow us to benefit everyone that we would like help.

We have decided as a church that we would break away from the Midwest Witches Ball as well as Pagans in Need. These are both wonderful programs and we will help support them in the future. As such we have decided to accept Bill Ehle’s resignation letter and have elected to grant him to continue to run the Pagans in Need program on his own entity with our blessing from the church.
We have also asked that Gordon Ireland, take back the Midwest Witches Ball, which he has graciously accepted.

As we are currently in the process of restructuring, we will elect new officers and directors and announce our new programs after our next meeting.
Thank you all who have been supporting and Blessings on this new direction!!!

Gerrybrete Leonard-Whitcomb HPS CEO

USoAM Board of Directors